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Thanks for visting I'm Dave and I was diagnosed with MS in 2008, when an optic neuritis caused me to temporarily lose my vision in the left eye. At the time of my diagnosis, MS was presented as an autoimmune disorder. Degenerative, incurable and of unknown cause the neurologists said. The only treatment offered was disease modifying drugs which have a "success" rate of 1 in 3, with "success" qualified as a slower decline.

A 33% chance of a slower decline wasn't very promising... it meant there was a 67% chance of a faster one looming, and 0% chance of no decline. Then in 2009, Dr. Paolo Zamboni published research papers that suggest a vascular condition exists in MS patients called CCSVI (Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency). He found the jugular and azygous veins draining blood from the brain and the spine were malformed and blocked in every one of the MS patients he examined. Relieving the venous drainage problems with a simple angioplasty procedure (nicknamed The Liberation Treatment ) resulted in dramatic improvement, some within hours of treatment.

Case closed? Hardly. While MS patients worldwide began to clamor for treatment before their remaining motor skills disappeared, they were declined. Declined by their neurologists, their GPs, their insurance companies, hospitals and clinics. Angioplasty is a relatively non-invasive procedure done under local anesthesia which has been performed successfully since the 1960s, yet some vascular professionals who began performing the procedure on MS patients were made to cease. Oddly, patients with stenoses who do not have MS are routinely being treated.

If you have MS or love someone who has MS, you are aware of the hardship. The prospect of an uncertain physical future is daunting. I do not want to wait while healthy doctors and researchers debate the viability of the research and treatment results. Please see my video links for amazing stories of MS patients who are experiencing increased functionality post-treatment. Some were wheelchair bound and are now walking, others needed assistive devices and are now jumping. Similar video testimonials are being posted daily on youtube as MS sufferers travel the globe at their own expense to obtain treatment. Poland, India, Kuwait, Mexico... people are going wherever doctors are willing to stand up for the right of MS patients for treatment. Luckily clinics here in the US are again beginning to perform testing and treatment .

My purpose in developing this site was twofold: to help people understand CCSVI as well as to raise money for my own Liberation Treatment. I want to thank everyone who has already shown extraordinary compassion and generosity. I absolutely could not do this without you.

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My CCSVI Journey

  • While I will update this site frequently I will have more in-depth reports on my blog from time to time. Make sure you check in.

    2-24-11 I have put up some videos and pics from my procedure. Go here

    2-17-11 I have had my treatement and feel AWESOME. Please read my blog I posted the entire trip/story to NY. Spread the word.

    6-14-10 marks the day of my first steps taken towards CCSVI testing and treatment. I called the doctor and have been put officially on the waiting list. I should hear back from the office within 72 hours.

    6-17-10 I received a call from the doctor's office. They recorded all my information and will investigate whether the procedure is covered by my insurance company. There are few insurance companies covering the necessary tests and treatment for MS patients at this time. The doctor will call personally in 3-4 weeks to discuss the process in depth

    7-6-10 I received an email confirming my place on the waiting list. Next up will be a phone call from the doctor with the exact date for the treatment!

    8-17-10 I have not recieved my phone call yet buy I wanted to touch base with everyone. My heat and fatigue issues have gotten worse with this summer weather. More detals will be on my blog.

    9-13-10 Sadly I don't have much to report. I am still awaiting my call. Things are better for me now that the weather is a bit cooler. I may have some BIG news in the next couple weeks! keep your fingers crossed. More detals will be on my blog.

    11-5-10 Dr. Siskin called today! I should have the complete details ironed out by Monday. I wil update my blog with all the specifics on whats happening.

    1-4-11 Dr. Siskin called this past Thursday. I am set for Feb. 11th 2011!!!!!!! I will update my blog with all the specifics as we go! Game on!

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